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SafeCare's Timeline So Far!

Founder Ali-Rose Sisk is a register nurse. Ali-Rose could not but notice the large amounts of time spent on paper documentation within healthcare, particularly within the private nursing-home setting. Ali-Rose felt that a huge amount of patient-contact time was being lost due to cumbersome paperwork processes.

As a result, Ali-Rose founded the SafeCare idea in autumn 2018. SafeCare underwent 12 months of extensive research as part of the IGNITE cohort 11, University College Cork. SafeCare identified a target market of 580 Irish nursing home with large international potential within the UK, Canada and America.

2019 was a busy year, whereby our founder traveled to the UK to further explore the SafeCare international market and establish vital networks. Meanwhile our latest SafeCare software was developed and prepared for testing.

2020 has thrown many challenges however SafeCare continued to thrive as the need for digitalization within nursing-homes become more evident than ever.

We now prepare for our latest version launch within a nationally renowned nursing-home and the Health Innovation Hub Ireland have been assisting us with this testing.

We have also secured a place within Enterprise Irelands ‘New Frontiers’ programme whereby we look to establish a viable technical partner to facilitate the continued expansion of SafeCare.

Right now, healthcare is everybody’s business. If you are interested in hearing more about SafeCare or perhaps joining us on the SafeCare journey then please email us at

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